My Bio

Hello , my Name is LUKAS. I am 23 years old and i live in Germany. The reason why i was creating this Website is that i am a really pensive Person and i know there are more than a handful People on our beloved Planet who (maybe) think that i am. I wanna share my Life experiences with u and my fears and thoughts about the unknown Future we have ahead. Early in my Life i often felt alone and i wished a Person or a group who understand me right and dont have prejudices because of mistakes i made or Storys where telled about me. I want to share my opinions and emotions and all the struggle who come at me and on my way. English is not my mothers Language so please dont be to hard on me, i’ll try my best for u so u can understand me right. I dont believe in any Religion because i think every religions ,,goal“ is the same with different paths to achieve it. Yeah so if someone have more questions to me or my person you can text me anytime u want under my following E-Mail adress:

So keep ur head up and thanks for ur time and i hope we can learn from another. 🙂

Om Mani Padme Hum 🙂


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